Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uphill Climb

For a time, running was easy. I can complete a 5K run in less than 35 minutes. I would do this by running about 1km straight, then a short walk, then do a sprint again. It can be defined in the running community as an easy run, because I didn't go "all in" by running the entire distance.

But that was before... Given all the changes in my life right now - mid-shift, getting married, new work... it is an uphill battle. Everytime I try to make a battle plan on how to deal with weight loss and getting to practice for my next 21K, something happens and I have to go back to the start. NO EXCUSES.

It's hard. I would like to tell you guys that there is a short cut to losing those stubborn weight but there is no shortcut. There are no miracle potions to lose those flabs. It will be a test of patience and self-control with a little (or a lot) test of endurance as well.

They say that if you want to run fast you need to run uphill. All you have to do is run those 10 seconds uphill - as fast as you can. According to the experts this develops speed and muscle power. I compare my fitness "jump start" to this running tip. I have this in my training plan:
  • 3 minutes walk (warm-up)
  • 2x 2 minutes rowing
  • 5 minutes running
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 1% incline and 7.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs  (straight) @ 1% incline and 9.5 km/hr
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 5% incline and 6.5 km/hr
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 1% incline and 6.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs  (straight) @ 1% incline and 7.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs (straight) @ 1% incline and 9.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs (straight) @ 1% incline and 6.5 km/hr
  • 2x 5 minutes Elliptical Cross Trainers @ minimum level 6
  • 2x 3 minutes Gym Stepper @ minimum level 6
  • 5 minutes walk (cool down)
It's my version of the 10 seconds uphill training. It's short and sweet - ok... not sweet (it's pretty tiring)! This is something that I will be doing at least 2x a week, in between running and weight training. It's not something that will take a big chunk of my time, but for now it will be enough to lose a few pounds (hopefully) and help me become more efficient in my running.

Wish me luck? :)

      Wednesday, May 30, 2012

      Changes and Milestones

      It's been almost 3 years since my last post. A part of me feels rather ashamed to leave this cyber real estate inactive. To my 2-3 "followers" (ehem ehem i think it's safe to say loyal friends?), I apologize for the lack of updates.

      Enough about the past, it's now time to put this blog back in business. Quick updates! Well from September 2009, there have been several 5K runs... then I moved up and did my first 10K run. I would have loved to have written about each of those runs, but right now I don't think I have the time or enough things to say about each event. But I would like to share that going from 5K to 10K was indeed a milestone.

      From 5K to 10K
      I think this milestone felt like my first run. I initially thought I couldn't finish the 5K run and if I did there is this possibility I would have finished it in about 2 hours. Thank goodness. The transition from 5K to 10K wasn't easy, I tried to psych myself by thinking it's just doing 2 5K runs! More kilometers for my money! But no... this is not the case. And I am telling you 5K runners thinking of going up to 10K, do practice hard before your run. Plan ahead. Practice! Practice! Practice! The first 5K was a breeze, then when you go reach the 7.5K mark you end up thinking "Why did I sign up for this?" You feel tired, grumpy, and you just want to rest. The last 2.5K felt like it will never end. But when you reach that finish line... that awesome moment when you see the sea of people, the timer, the big banner... adrenaline kicks in and you just sprint to the finish line.

      Well this narrative is just something from my experience. I think other people go from 5K to 10K without any effort at all. ;)

      Other updates
      Well after that 10K, I did a 21K and a few more 5K/10K/21K runs... The weight has gone up and down (pffft!). And in between those runs a few big things happened in my life, to summarize:
      1. I resigned from my job
      2. Stayed home for a few months
      3. Got a new job
      4. Got engaged
      5. Got promoted
      6. Got married
      7. Resigned
      8. Got a new job - my first ever "local" company
      I think this means I need to change the title of my blog from "From Couch Potato to 5K Runner" to "Couch Potato Runner" - because I am still a couch potato, and I still run. This blog started with a goal of running a 5K distnce... Now I am aiming for something more... I am starting my 21K training again this coming June. From there I need to conquer all the "hurdles" of my previous 21K runs (blisters, etc.) and finish a 21K better than my previous record. From there I will train for a 32K run, and eventually I hope to conquer a 42K... Yes... a full marathon!!! And in the far far far future... I am hoping that I can join T2N. ;)

      That's it for now... I hope you can join me in the next few months or years as I try to document my runs and possibly a few stuff about my life here in this blog.

      Passé une bonne journée!