Sunday, July 29, 2012

Uphill Climb

For a time, running was easy. I can complete a 5K run in less than 35 minutes. I would do this by running about 1km straight, then a short walk, then do a sprint again. It can be defined in the running community as an easy run, because I didn't go "all in" by running the entire distance.

But that was before... Given all the changes in my life right now - mid-shift, getting married, new work... it is an uphill battle. Everytime I try to make a battle plan on how to deal with weight loss and getting to practice for my next 21K, something happens and I have to go back to the start. NO EXCUSES.

It's hard. I would like to tell you guys that there is a short cut to losing those stubborn weight but there is no shortcut. There are no miracle potions to lose those flabs. It will be a test of patience and self-control with a little (or a lot) test of endurance as well.

They say that if you want to run fast you need to run uphill. All you have to do is run those 10 seconds uphill - as fast as you can. According to the experts this develops speed and muscle power. I compare my fitness "jump start" to this running tip. I have this in my training plan:
  • 3 minutes walk (warm-up)
  • 2x 2 minutes rowing
  • 5 minutes running
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 1% incline and 7.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs  (straight) @ 1% incline and 9.5 km/hr
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 5% incline and 6.5 km/hr
    • 1 minute (straight) @ 1% incline and 6.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs  (straight) @ 1% incline and 7.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs (straight) @ 1% incline and 9.5 km/hr
    • 30 secs (straight) @ 1% incline and 6.5 km/hr
  • 2x 5 minutes Elliptical Cross Trainers @ minimum level 6
  • 2x 3 minutes Gym Stepper @ minimum level 6
  • 5 minutes walk (cool down)
It's my version of the 10 seconds uphill training. It's short and sweet - ok... not sweet (it's pretty tiring)! This is something that I will be doing at least 2x a week, in between running and weight training. It's not something that will take a big chunk of my time, but for now it will be enough to lose a few pounds (hopefully) and help me become more efficient in my running.

Wish me luck? :)

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