Saturday, September 5, 2009

No More Flu!

No more flu! Hurrah!

I’ve had the flu since last Tuesday, I got home from the gym feeling really groggy... So I just plopped myself on the bed, lay there, and slept for hours. When I woke up I had a fever and everything was aching. Uh oh. By Wednesday I was already feeling guilty for being in bed most of the time. I HAD to run, I was following a Nike+ program for a 5k run. Sadly, I had no choice but stay in bed and try to get my strength back. Thursday morning came, I was feeling a bit better, so I dragged myself to the gym to do a 4km run. The thing is, after running 2km I was already feeling faint. Running with a clogged nose is not easy!!! After completing my first 2km, I rested for a bit and did another 2km run. I was feeling pretty happy with myself by the time I got home. But then I found out this was a very bad decision, by the afternoon I had a fever again. Chills and clogged nose until Friday.

Thank goodness for Vit C, Stresstabs, and Neozep. Though taking meds meant there were times I’d be hibernating, it really did the trick. Tomorrow, I’m ready to run again. 5K here I come!

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  1. Listen to your body. Baka ma-injure ka! Ingat!