Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tatakbo Ka Ba? GMA Network Fun Run

Last August 30, 2009, I joined my first 5K run. This was not planned at all... It was more of "may takbo daw sa 30 sama ka?" (there's a run on the 30th, wanna join?)

Yes, I am that impulsive. I just said "Ok sign me up!" and that was it. I had some weight training at the gym but I knew I still wasn't ready for a big 5K race. Running 1 km was a big effort for me, the usual joke when we play badminton was "Jamie move!" because I'd usually just stand in one area and wait for a shuttlecock that I can smash. Running 5 km is not something that I'd be able to do easily, that much I know.

I trained a bit, pushed myself to run at least 2 km everytime I was at the gym. Before I'd do cardio for 15 minutes or so. But this time, I had to measure my runs in kilometers... I had to push myself to really run this time. I pushed myself to run even when my body was telling me that it was ok to just walk. I didn't want to be last in the race or worse, not finish the race at all! I had to time myself and set a goal on how long I'd be able to finish a 5K run. My goal was to finish the race in 40 minutes.

Race day, really groggy with the lack of sleep... ADHD was kicking in, we were at the starting point and have been standing there for about 30 mins. I was grumpy and wondering when the race will start, if it didn't start in anopther 5 minutes I had a feeling I'd fall asleep.

I had charged my iPod to keep my company throughout the race. I had my playlist to keep me "inspired" and energized as I ran. "Galit-galit muna" mode kicked-in as soon as they announced that it was time to run. iPod in near max volume, I started my run playing "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls. I left my friends walking while I did my thing. I jogged a bit, then I ran after 0.5 km. I was surprised with the number of people who joined the race, this makes running difficult because you had to overtake and zigzag through a wall of people at times... just like a jeepney in heavy Manila traffic. Additional hurdles were potholes and people waving at the camera, this turns a run into a walk. Gah. Stupid me didn't think to bring a water bottle while running, I was thinking I'd survive a water stop at the station (this alone will be a good motivation to reach the halfway mark hehe). I forgot to consider how many people will be stopping at the water stations and grabbing glasses, water, and vitwater to satisfy their parched throats. After a few minutes of joining the in on the commotion of getting a plastic cup and some water, I was back in the race holding my precious plastic cup with water. Reaching the turnaround point felt so good, I was thinking only 2.5km more to go and I would be at the finish line and I'd be able to grab a hearty breakfast. Nuh uh... It wasn't that easy... At the 3km point, I was feeling really tired... the lack of sleep was getting to me. But when some guy who at stepped on my foot when we reached the turnaround point overtook me, competitiveness kicked in. I ran til I reached the 4km point. By this time, my feet felt numb... It felt like my shoes have lost their soles. The finish line was so near, yet so far. Seriously, at this point I just wanted to sit at the pavement for a while. Thank you U2 for being the next artist in my iPod and playing "Elevation" "bahala na si batman!" I had to run, and finish this last kilometer with dignity! Hahaha bawal ang brisk walking! One of the best feelings in the world, reaching the finish line. And imagine my surprise that I finished the race with the time of 43 mins 29 secs, with all the stops and walks. Hah! So near my 40 mins target! Yehey!

I can't wait for my next 5K run. :)


Thank you muna sa sponsors! hehehe

... I would like to thank Nike for my running outfit and accessories! Also Nike the dog, for being so cute and adorable!

... Ipanema and Havaianas for my tsinelas!

... Thank you Vitwater... you know?

... Red Ribbon for the free mamon!

... Manong from the Fruit Stand for the energizing saging!

... Sinangag EXpress for our midnight snack!

... GMA 7 for the media coverage!


  1. Yey! Congratulations Jamie! See you at the next run!

  2. Ongrats! Ang payat mo na :) Paddle tayo minsan hehehe, we first run before the shebang :)